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When you walk through our doors, you become a part of the

Soul Fitness Community. We support & uplift each other, 

we ride, sweat and laugh together, and in the studio we are a family.

Everyone has their own reason to join Soul Fitness, wether it's for the burn, the friendships or the rides,  one thing we know is that you will find an amazing community. 

Carole, 47

“After joining Soul Fitness, I feel healthy and strong again. The energy and support from   Julie, the instructors and other members motivate and challenge me every day! The team at Soul Fitness is simply amazing!"

Britney, Dieppe

« I've always been so shy to workout with other people. But the energy at Soul Fitness is simply amazing and so welcoming! »

Beatrice, Shediac

"Je suis très fière de faire partie de la communauté de Soul Studio, un gym qui me met en forme avec beaucoup d'énergie et une belle atmosphère de famille, un endroit ou c'est un plaisir de s'entraîner!"

Danielle, 31

"I went from deadlifting 0 lbs to 70 lbs and lost over 20 lbs along the way. Soul Fitness is more then a studio, it's a community (more like a family) that lifts each other up and challenges us along the way. Not only does Julie believe in us but she makes us believe in ourselves!" 

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