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Everyone Welcome!
The team at Soul Fitness worked hard to create a safe and unique environment where ALL fitness levels are welcome to come and HAVE FUN! Our amazing instructors will make sure you are set up correctly and comfortable before your workout.

Timing is Key!

Our studio doors will only open 15 minutes before and after each class to ensure that our team has sufficient time to clean and sanitize the equipment in the studio. 

Cycling clip shoes 

No clip shoes? No problem!
Our SPINNING bikes offer both  regular indoor sneakers option as well as SPD clip shoes.

Water bottle & Sweat towel

Be sure to bring a water bottle and a small towel for those sweaty workouts! There is also a water station at the studio in case you need a refill.

Cancelation Policy

Soul Studio has a 5 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your spot before this timeframe, your pass will be returned to your account.  If you cancel your spot after this point, your credit will be lost. Unlimited memberships will be charged 15.99$ + tax for classes canceled within this time frame. 

At the end of each week, the late fees (if applicable) will be charged to the credit card on the account. 

Please note that the same applies to no-shows.



Friendly Reminder

All passes are non refundable.

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